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This site tries to conform to the current Web standards. This means that it complies to the XHTML 1.0 (Strict) standard and that it uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS level 1 and 2).

Compliance to these standards ensures that the content within this site is accessible to every browser or other internet device. Unfortunately not all browers support these standards correctly. The result of this is that some of the pages on this site are not displayed as intended (i.e. the layout may look awkward and some of the pretty pictures are missing.) However, as stated above, the content is still perfectly readable.

Browsers that do support these standard properly (or properly enough) are

Older browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and Netscape 4.x do not support the CSS used here and might therefor display the content in a rather plain way.

The design of these pages is based on the previous layout by Xaveer Leijtens who did a great deal of work on the PHP coding that generates the various pages. This layout has been heavily reworked by Geert Altena and adapted for SCVT by Chris Roeloffzen. The basis of this new design was taken from the examples at Bluerobot which were then modified to fit the needs of these pages.